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Lakshmi Events is one of the most multi-faceted event management companies in Hyderabad. With a functional core of four versatile and remarkable individuals who have had two decades of valued experience in the hospitality industry, Lakshmi Events is acclaimed for their precision and efficiency in handling a wide variety of events as a versatile and impeccable event organizer company from its conception till execution.
We take pride that besides bearing the responsibility of ensuring a splendid event from the host to the guests’ experience; as a standard event management company in Hyderabad, Key Events facilitates its events with self propertied decoration, lighting, landscaping and much more.
Lakshmi Events is your premier event management services in Hyderabad.
We are renowned as corporate event organizers and personal events organizer, our forte includes organizing cultural and media events.
If you are looking for an exclusive event management services in Hyderabad, Lakshmi Events is your safe bet to organize any event at the earliest at your convenience without worrying over budgets, punctuality, precision and efficiency.
We are your best experienced event management services in Hyderabad; we know the nook and breadth of our city to provide exquisite locations to herald your events, making them more memorable.

CEO/Managing Director
Madhu Babu

Madhu Babu Chinnam

Creative Director
Ravi Mulakalapalli

Ravi Mulakalapalli

Market Analyst
Madhusudhan Kota

Madhusudhan Kota

Our Services


"All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy..."
After straining your nerves in the hustle and bustle of the corporate life, it is only right to kick off those shoes, loosen the ties, throwback those suits and let your hair down to rejuvenate yourself. We understand the need to have some time and space to exhale away from stringent deadlines, grueling meetings and sober work atmosphere.

We have an array of events lined up for your corporate office to host and organize spectacular events to motivate, rejuvenate and refresh your office atmosphere. We have firsthand experience of handling several corporate events that comprise of:

  • Recreational events
  • Team Building activities
  • Conferences
  • Employees family get together
  • Motivational seminars
  • Corporate seminars
  • DJ Parties
  • Day outs for employees
  • Felicitation/ Awards ceremonies
  • Live concert/ entertainment performances
  • Banquets

India is a land rich culture, heritage and secularism. As a culturally imbibed event management company in Hyderabad, which is the hub of confluence of many cultures, we pride ourselves to work towards panning such activities to celebrate the cultural and festive spirit around us. In a busy world it is never easy to plan a festive get together for your family, community and friends. We iron out these difficulties, tell Lakshmi Events what festive event you want to celebrate and we will host and organize without a wrinkle in your thought.

Be it a religious function or a cultural celebration, Lakshmi Events is apt and skilled to throw a perfect event as we have an empowered team of different backgrounds, culture and taste. Key Events consists of young energetic team members who understand the pulse of the audience to host school and college related itinerary. All you have to do is tell us your needs and forget your worries!
We handle a wide span of cultural itinerary:

  • Religious fetes
  • Ghazal night
  • Cultural programme
  • Symbolic Days [ Independence Day, Celebrations, Republic Day, Teacher Day, Children's day ]
  • School/ college cultural performance
  • Freshers' party
  • Graduation Day celebrations
  • Farewell party
  • College Day celebrations
  • Alumni Events

"Phewwww..." You have been planning for months for months for this day, Now when your little one's first Birthday is around the corner, You seem to be running short on time and extra hands to arrange a splendid gathering. Worried that your child's birthday will be remembered more for its faults and than its joy???

Your wife has been sending you feelers since days.
Yet you have forgotten it's your anniversary.
Wondering whether to settle for a card in the shop next door than the earrings she wanted?
Book any restaurant on your way back home to play patch up than the romantic dinner?
Or simply plead guilty and hope that she forgives and forgets?

Why lose your mind?
Lakshmi Events is your answer to this distress. As one of the most creative personal event management company in India, we ensure that you not just celebrate but cherish every personal event of your life. Lakshmi Events has just the magic wand you need to make your spectacular day most memorable and glorious.
Lakshmi Events commemorates each personal event:

  • First Birthday
  • Birthday Party
  • Naming Ceremony
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Wedding planning
  • House Warming ceremony
  • Betrothal [ Engagement ] party

What have you been planning this weekend over your leisure?
Having a fun-filled get together with your family?
Planning to throw a party, to have a splendid time with your friends?
Want to gather friends and try the adventure sport you have been aching to try out all these weeks?
Or just want to have some good fun and not worry about the nitty gritties of organizing, breaking your head over the location and being a perfect host?
You do not need a reason to have a good time,
Nor fret over throwing a leisure bash...
Just sit back, stretch out your legs, relax your mind and catch a wink. While the most prompt event management company in Hyderabad arranges the finest leisure events at the snap of the finger.

Our Leisure itinerary includes:

  • Family weekends
  • Dinner and lunch parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Beach parties
  • Adventure sport getaways
  • Weekend getaways

"When it comes to media events and parties, Key Events is your best and most efficient organizer. We believe that first impressions are the best impressions and we ensure that your brand image is aptly and uniquely showcased via our media events. From your product launches to promotional gigs we handle all the necessities impeccably. We understand the worth and the esteem of your company's image and with our excellent organizing caliber we can bring out your best in the media glitz.
Lakshmi Events organizes media events that involve:

  • Product launches
  • Promotional gigs
  • Corporate Summits
  • Conferences
  • Political conferences
  • Entertainment events
  • Road Shows

Type of services

There are a lot of thoughts of that linger in mind after the culmination of a function, it is not just the ambience, atmosphere and service. The mind quintessentially favors the essence of food being served.

Lakshmi Events caters quality food by its proven chefs to delight the taste buds of our guests in all our event services in Hyderabad. We provide you an array of food catering from Indian to international cuisines The menu, cuisine and item per charge can be availed by contacting us.

Lakshmi Events Lightning and Sounds team has the best state of art Lasers, Visual effects and Sound system to deliver an out of the world experience. Be it concert or a birthday bash our experts bring a whole new meaning to your memorable experience with Live Web casting, Video Walls, LCD projectors and many more latest Sound and Lightning technicalities.

knows just how to give the finer touch to a memorable event. We are the first to import decor paraphernalia to suit the needs and requirements for your events. Lakshmi Events are the ingenious creator of superior comforts, ambience and enticing decor for all event services in India.

Lakshmi Events team always keeps a close eye on every detail, be it the podium for your event or the stage creation for the wedding. We ensure that our expert team designs and delivers the result for every event.

Lakshmi Events bears in mind every extensive detailing for your event services in Hyderabad. You want a waterfall in your party, we create you one... Your wish is our only desire!

Lakshmi Events has a growing repute for its unique and one-of-a-kind theme events. From beach parties to Hollywood style parties, we have the voracious themes to bring out the best in our guests. If you want an event that is exceptional, fresh and the talk-of-the-town, you are in the best hands!

Lakshmi Events provides high quality entertainment without wrenching your wallet, from renowned DJ'S to fun-filled interactive games for all ages, to magic shows we handle it all pro-efficiently. Our Master of the ceremonies ensures the limelight stays on you with their charisma and elan to handle the events with great versatility. Our performers are world class with varied experience to woo the guest with their talents and grace.

We are proud to capture entire event in digital format then we turn them to sweet memories for a life time. Along with professional photography, Key Events provides you professional videography to capture your special events in celluloid. Our Videography team not just captures your events but also edits, enhances and emphasizes on the splendor of the moment in a redefined and attractive presentation.

Every symbolic moment in our life is best captured by finest images. Lakshmi Events provides supportive event services in India; we provide quality professional photography assistance for all events.

Lakshmi Events photography team comprises of highly skilled, certified and well trained professionals who use the latest technicalities to capture your cherished moments in a panoramic vision.

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